April Featured Products

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I have been back at work from Easter holidays and while it’s great to be back, I really enjoyed taking a quick break up to Monkey Mia with the family. It really is a spectacular part of the world and we enjoyed great weather and loads of fishing – fortunately, we made our way home just before Cyclone Seroja wreaked havoc.

Now I’m back in full swing and have been receiving a handful of enquiries from farmers who unfortunately, were in Seroja’s path. They have told me horror stories of roofs torn away, farm equipment turning over and tree lines completely stripped bare.

Thankfully we were able to provide many of them with assistance and would like to remind everyone that if you need to clear your property, we might have something to suit including Scrub Rakes, Skeleton Buckets, Tele-Handler Rakes/Grabs, Stick Rakes and Skid Steer Rakes. We’ve also done our best to carry the most common models to suit CAT IT, CAT Fusion, CAT IT38, Volvo/Euro, Manitou, JCB… and the list goes on.

So, make sure you call or email me with your machine details and what you need it for and I’ll match up the rake to suit.

Cheers, Paul.