Why pay for something you’re only going to use occasionally or for a one-off job? 

It’s no secret that quality buckets and attachments are an expensive investment, which is why it makes sense to hire rather than buy in most situations. 

With a choice of over 300 of the latest buckets and attachments for earthmoving machinery, including excavators and loaders, you can be sure that the team at AU Hire have exactly what you are looking for.

If you’re a contractor who needs different buckets and attachments for different jobs, it’s clear that hiring is a much smarter option when compared to buying. With our buckets and attachments regularly inspected and fully maintained, you can be confident that you’ve got the best equipment for the job.

Additional benefits of renting;

  • Access to up-to-date buckets & attachments
  • Technical support
  • Lower your risks
  • No capital investment or ongoing payments after job is completed
  • Tax Deductible

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