Augers, augers and more augers!

Augers, augers and more augers! This equipment is proving so popular at the moment, it’s no wonder we can’t stop talking about it.

With a wide range of stock available, the team at AU Hire can supply exactly what you need. Whether it is just the auger bit, the auger drive, or the whole kit we are sure to have just what you are looking for. 

We supply auger bits from a massive 2000mm in diameter all the way down to 150mm and also carry drive units to suit 5T excavators to 50T diggers.

It appears the current construction jobs out there are driving the high demand for this equipment and a good example is DCL Contracting who have several augers on hire with us. We were able to supply the team the driver unit, auger bit and extensions which meant they could jump straight into the job. 

So whatever machine you have, or size hole you require, make sure you give one of the team call.

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