How to measure buckets & attachments correctly

Attachments have many different pickup measurements so make sure you check your pickup measurement correctly (see graphic below how to measure your IBE (in between the ears).

How to measure your pickup points;

  1. Measure pin diameter
  2. Measure distance between pin centres
  3. Measure distance in between ears

When hiring a new attachment for your excavator or loader, it’s very important that you supply the correct pickup measurement to the hire company. If these measurements are incorrect the attachment will not fit your excavator or loader – and rectifying this problem could be at a high cost to you as the excavator owner. You may also experience costly machine downtime in the absence of the correct excavator or loader attachment. 

For these reasons, you’ll find most attachment hire companies will request that you confirm bucket pickup measurements when hiring your attachment. The good news is that getting it right is not hard.

If you need assistance just call Paul on 1300 058 613 before hiring.

Another helpful tip from AU Hire.

AU Buckets Measurement Diagram