June Featured Product


As many of you can attest, I really enjoy taking the time to get out and check on how our equipment is handling (and contributing to) the latest projects. It not only gives me the chance to make sure the gear we send out is doing its job, but to also see what else is happening in the market and what is (and likely to be) required onsite.

In this case, I recently dropped in to see the team from SRK Contractors hard at work on their latest project in the metro region. SRK have been putting our 30T Hydraulic screening bucket through its paces so I thought I would take the chance to stop by, make sure the machine settings were correct and have a chat with the operator to make sure they weren’t having any issues with our equipment.

If you would like us to pay you a visit onsite, please give us a call – and don’t forget that new stock is always arriving, so make sure you keep an eye on our website or take a look at some of our gear below.

Cheers, Paul.