Looks weird but it’s useful.

One thing that I love about our business is checking out some of the weird and wonderful bespoke gear that comes through our doors – ready for hire. Take the Kibble for example, which may look weird but rest assured can make your life on site a lot easier. If you are still waiting for your Kibble to arrive and are looking for something to fill the gap, you’ll be pleased to know that we have them here – ready to go. 

Concrete Kibbles have been designed for easy transfer of concrete, sand or gravel by hook lifting method and whether you have an excavator, forklift or wheel loader we have several types that will suit your needs. Plus, we also have several fitted with a hydraulic cylinder which means there’s no need for a second person to open the chute for you.

So, if you are looking for a Kibble, or any other piece of equipment make sure you give the team at AU Hire a call to see what we have available. Please remember that even if we don’t have exactly what you need on-hand, our experienced team should be able to deliver something that is sure to suit.