New range of hydraulic Screening Buckets

It was a big day for AU Hire several months ago as we had the opportunity to get our hands dirty and test our new range of hydraulic Screening Buckets. It is always good to put equipment through their paces and a 13T and 24T excavator and wheel loader were put to the test in some really mixed ground conditions.  

A special thanks goes to the local guy who lent us several machines and their property to use. It is really hard to describe how well these buckets performed on the day and the only way truly see it is to have one out in the field, but if this isn’t an option, I have some good videos showing how fast the product moves through the screens.  

That said, one of the best things I found with these Screening Buckets was the safety aspect. There is no need to jump out of the machine to disconnect hoses to swap with another digging bucket as this bucket will do both and you also don’t need to change screens or unblock them – they are awesome. So, what makes these buckets so special. Well, here are some things that I have noticed: 

  • The Operator has full view of the bucket contents
  • Less moving components
  • Less stress on the machine
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal moving components
  • German Made

 I have models to suit from 13T up to 30T excavator size and also to suit Wheel Loaders with pick-ups to suit most common models so give me a call or drop in to the yard if you want to take a look.

If you would like to know more about these beauties, or if you can’t find what you need online feel free to give me a call on 1300 059 613.

AU Dappen Paul AU Hire August 2020 Blog Hero