Rake It In

People have told me that once you try a Scrub Rake, you won’t want to give it back – and with its versatility, its no wonder why. 

Hence the name, Scrub Rakes are a powerful tool that have many uses and are ideal for general clean ups, fire breaks and block clearing. You will commonly see these used by farmers and local government as they are literally built like a tank and virtually indestructible. The individual tynes are made from a solid 50mm bisalloy steel and which means you can imbed the tynes up to 300mm below the ground to get the roots from underneath. 

We are currently carrying two sizes (3000mm and 2600mm wide) which can fit a wide range of Wheel Loaders so make sure you give us a call or drop in if you are interested.

As always, if you would like to have a chat, make sure you give me (Paul) a call on 1300 058 613.

Cheers, Paul

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