Ripping up your next job?

When you need to break up rock, tarmac paved areas or any other hard materials you need a strong and durable ripper attachment. At AU Hire we have range of rippers that allow you to bust through hard ground concrete, roots, rocks and more with superior accuracy and minimal clean up making light work of specific or tight space excavation tasks.

Ranging from 550m – 1320mm can be sure we’ll have the right ripper for any application – see our full range.

A strong base plate – the ripper base plate provides strength through the ripper from the ears with strengthening gussets for maximum ripping power. When selecting shanks for your excavator, it is important to go for a ripper with a heavy-duty base plate. This provides added strength and durability to the ripper attachment so that you get years of useful work from it.

Be sure to get advice where necessary on what is best for your application.

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